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    Enabling Smart People with Smart Technology


    We are passionate about education and improving the success of faculty across the GCC region. Our quest is to support the use of transformational technology to help institutions achieve more. Cyanea aims to do this differently. We believe that engaging faculty, supporting research and connecting parents will enhance the institution and support better outcomes for students.

    Compelling Value


    With our experienced team we are able to support institutions in the assessment and due diligence associated with their technology decisions. In particular we aim to assist in the discussion associated with what the best institutions are doing with their technology decisions and why they are doing it. Where we believe there is compelling value, we are proud to partner and bring these solutions directly to the GCC region.

    Meaningful Change


    We have extensive knowledge of education solutions and have partnered with companies who are dedicated to bringing meaningful change to the impact of faculty, research, parental engagement and institutional spending. We provide the local presence for these solutions to enable you to benefit from the very latest technologies to help you succeed regionally.

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